Why Are Group Agreements Important

That is the other important agreement that should be reached. Sometimes it is really important and if not included can limit the extent to which people feel safe to share information. We find that something around “sharing learning, but protecting stories” is a way to navigate. Having a general “cone of silence” with confidentiality can be both inseeveral and unnecessary to make learning to others outside the group. If you have your group agreement, make sure it`s displayed for everyone – ideally, have it written on a whiteboard, paperboard or overhead projector. The real power of agreements is that everyone has the opportunity to contribute, that they have listened to and responded to their personal needs in general, and that they feel safer now. Many people don`t get it: agreements are primarily a matter of safety, not police behavior. For this reason, it never works to use another`s chords. The difference between ground rules and group agreements can be semantic for some if the process of developing the guidelines is the same. The important variable is that a traditional “rule” is imposed, while an agreement is co-established by an entire group.

Although there are a number of great models, your group agreement should match your group. If you require your group`s consent, it will simply not be reduced. Examples can be helpful, but you`re not looking for a good document, you`re looking for a large group. And don`t forget that newcomers or infirmities didn`t agree, so take the time to explain and ask for their consent to the agreement (you can always do it in one break). If you want to change it, you have a discussion with the whole group until everyone agrees. Each person in your group has different expectations of your group, whether they recognize it or not. Some people were in a group before and yearn for the good old days of comfortable Koinonia. Others were oversold as a group: “You`re going to make your new best friend.” Whatever the reason they joined or what they expect, the key to the success of group life is a well-discussed and well formulated group agreement. It is very easy to draw up a list of group agreements and treat them more like group rules.

The key to an effective agreement is the effective recognition of young people. This suggests that it is important to discuss any agreement with the Group; That is, instead of saying, “OK, so we agree that respect is one of our agreements, right?” And then only the sign of acquiescence and the transition to the next agreement, in fact, in a dialogue with the group about what respect means to everyone.