Td Access Card Agreement

7. With Interac Flash, you can make contactless payments with your card with the Advanced TD Access card. Interac Flash is a faster and more convenient option to pay securely for small purchases at participating retailers in Canada without entering your PIN. It`s a great way to pay quickly and easily for small daily purchases under $100 – directly from your TD Canada Trust account. If you have chosen to enable contactless debit payment on your advanced TD access card, you must first activate your advanced access card by making a transaction in which you must enter your PIN (e.g.B. Automatic withdrawal, in-store debit purchase). Once you`ve done this, you`re ready to simply “flash” your card on a contactless reader that supports Interac Flash instead of inserting it and entering your PIN. Just wait for permission and you`re ready to go! If you report an unauthorized transaction, credit card issuers should always thoroughly investigate the incident. You are protected from unauthorized transactions if you use debit card services in the store, at a point-of-sale terminal or at an ATM. You should report any unauthorized transactions to your bank immediately. 1. With the TD Canada Trust Access Card, you have secure access to your TD Canada Trust accounts.

No one can access your accounts without your unique TD Canada Trust Access Card number and your confidential personal identification number (PIN), EasyLine PhoneCode or EasyWeb password. 6. The Advanced TD Access Card carries the debit visa icon. Now that the advanced TD Access card carries the debit visa icon, you can use it wherever visa/debit visa is accepted. Whether online, by mail or by phone, select Visa or Visa Debit, use your 16-digit card number, expiry date and 3-digit security number (CVV2) on the back to make your payment. Unlike a credit card, the money comes directly from your account. Just search for Visa/Visa debit symbols wherever you shop online. As a general rule, any bank or credit card transaction you have not made or approved is an unauthorized transaction. In some cases, you may need to report the incident within a specified time frame, as indicated in your agreement. If you do not do so, you may be held responsible for the transaction and you may not be reimbursed. 1Visa`s Zero Liability Policy applies only to U.S. cards issued and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions that are not processed by Visa, or certain business card transactions.

The cardholder must immediately notify the issuer of any unauthorized use. Unauthorized transactions may occur if your debit or credit card is lost or stolen. Someone could also steal your identity and use your information to make transactions without your knowledge or consent. Read your card agreement to make sure you know your responsibility when using a debit card. Each financial institution, z.B. a bank, can define unauthorized transactions differently. Read your credit card, debit and account contracts carefully to make sure you understand what is considered an unauthorized transaction. You may be responsible for losses in situations where you contribute or encourage unauthorized use of your card. Android, Google Play, Google Pay and the Google Pay logo are trademarks of Google LLC. You are not liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond your control, including: Apple, the Apple logo, the iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.