Showroom Agreement

17. PART TWO shall in no way abuse the mark of the first party or any other mark under which the goods will be delivered by the part of the first party. In any question, the SECOND PARTY will not use these marks for transactions during / after the contract, except for the activities of the company and, with the agreement of the company, the SECOND PARTY will ensure that all trademarks and their image are maintained at a high level. 12. That THE SECOND PARTY withdraw all insurance related to showroom building furniture, faucets, electric taps and generators, air conditioning systems, etc., and bear its entire insurance premium. The maintenance costs of all capital items shall be borne by PART TWO. Ask yourself during the research phase and before meeting a showroom, these questions so that you can find the right fit: at the end of the day; But there is one thing that surpasses everything: trust. If you meet the showroom team, you need to be able to work together for the long term. 20. Any amendment to the terms of this Agreement shall be made by mutual agreement between the Parties, which shall be reduced in writing and shall form an integral part of this Agreement. 5.

That the SECOND PARTY stores and sells the products in this fully furnished theater. All stock belongs to the FIRST PARTY. The FIRST PARTY is fully authorized to sell its products at the rates they set from time to time. The prices/prices/discounts and the date of the discount period are determined from time to time by the FIRST PARTY. The FIRST PARTY also has the right to launch advertising activities independently of one another in order to encourage sales based on market situations and feedback from marketing staff. 7. The MRP of the goods delivered by FIRST PARTY corresponds to similar products stored in other points of sale of FIRST PARTY franchisees in the country and, in view of the above, the SECOND PARTY would be entitled to the commission/margin, which is cross-checked monthly. Any income tax payable is deducted before the release of the margin funds. The Parties shall prepare a report and a mechanism for the apportionment of the Commission and expenses, as explained in this Agreement.

The presentation of goods on the or by the seller does not constitute a binding offer or agreement for the conclusion of a sales contract with the buyer. The online offer is only a non-binding invitation to the buyer to make an offer to purchase the selected goods to the seller. A non-binding offer to purchase is made by the buyer on the seller`s website by placing an order for the goods displayed in the seller`s online shop using the check-out system provided. It is good practice to set early precedents on the evolution of the working relationship with the theater. Here are some points to consider: the buyer can revoke the contractual agreement in writing by e-mail to the address within 14 days of purchase, without justification, or if the customer receives the goods before the expiry of this period by return of the goods or withdrawal. 6. That the contract from —————————— – The FIRST PARTY ships and delivers the goods to the SECOND PARTY on the basis of the shipment to the premises of the showroom. The freight of the goods shipped to the shipment is carried by the FIRST PARTY, i.e. the goods/products are delivered to the SECOND PART on the basis of F.O.R.

In the auditorium. 25. That this Agreement is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal in —————— all matters arising from the performance of this Agreement and the performance of the obligation by one of the Parties under this Agreement. . . .