Demonstrator Vehicle Agreement

As a general rule, there is a rule that a newly developed leased vehicle must not be more than 10 years old before the end of the lease. This does not mean that one can only lend to brand new vehicles. To give you an example, if you want to rent a six-year-old car, you can only think that the maximum rental period would not exceed four years. 5.2.13 Use or authorization of the use of the vehicle in violation of the Law.5.3 The customer shall not allow the vehicle to be driven or operated by a person other than the qualified and trained persons of the customer:5.3.1 competent personnel (except for drivers involved in vehicle maintenance or other drivers expressly admitted by Northside for written driving); 5.3.2 who has never been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving or responsible for a vehicle with blood/alcohol levels above the prescribed limit, or negligent or careless driving (if more than two mentions) or death by careless or dangerous driving;5.3.3, who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates;5.3.4 who have been convicted of a traffic offence or cause of an accident in the previous three-year period, unless Northside has given written consent to that person who drives or operates the vehicle or vehicles. If motor vehicle offences are recorded against a licensed driver or licensed driver, or if a licensed driver is involved in an accident during its service life, Northside may require that such a person be removed from the list of licensed drivers; or 5.3.5 of the twelve months prior to the date, this agreement was reached not to hold a full driver`s licence (and, if, if applicable, a HGV driver`s licence for the class of vehicle to be driven) or not to immediately notify northside if, for any reason, a licensed driver ceases to hold such a driver`s licence or hGV licence during the term of use;5.3.6, under the age of 21 or over 65; 5.3.7 having more than six points on his driver`s licence or (if applicable) a HGV licence; 5.4 At Northside`s request, the customer will immediately do whatever is necessary to enforce rights or remedies against other parties in connection with the vehicle or vehicles.6 FuelThe demonstrator contract records the fuel and petroleum content of the vehicle (s) immediately prior to the pickup or delivery of the vehicle by customers.